LIW Ambassadors


Executive Director

Farzana Chohan

Farzana Chohan is a Futurist Thinker. A leader focused on 21st century thought Leadership, Inclusive diversity and Mentoring concepts in Global World. 

Farzana has a wide range of leadership experience in non-profit and for-profit organizations, working with unique human beings

Ms. Chohan’s credentials include, Doctor of Management (ABD), District 8 Director, Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM), Author and a Speaker.

Mentoring and Leadership are main focus of Farzana’s research and practice. Her leadership journey has highlighted the importance of connecting the core leadership and communication concepts for humans regardless of geography.

Farzana helps in bringing out the best of ideas and talents forward. Farzana utilizes an intuitive mentoring technique, to understand the qualities of a person. Through this understanding and coaching, person is supported in developing the strengths and following personal unique passions in life!

Farzana constantly share her leadership and mentoring experiences with her life cohorts to take this world to a next level of connectivity in 21st century.

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Linda Turner

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Jeremy Green

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